Presidential Term Accomplishments
 Dr. Phyllis Tait
Madame President, Jamaica Organization of NJ

Click image to view president's commentary) We are all left to wonder  what things would be like and how history would have been impacted if Hillary Clinton won the recent presidential election.   Fortunately for JON-J we are a progressive organization and we have already elected a "Madame President" on more than one occasion.   By anyone's measure, Dr. Phyllis Tait   has had a presidential term that can best be described as momentous and successful.   Dr. Tait's background has uniquely qualified and prepared her for the oustanding accomplishments achieved as president of JON-J.

Dr. Phyllis Tait background includes experience as a Dynamic Information Technology and Finance Executive with extensive experience managing complex customer relationships across multiple clients, Lines of Business and industries. Strong HR experiences leveraging highly matrixed global teams to deliver strong and comprehensive, Information Technology, Financial and Customer Relations Management services. Her background also includes the following:

Project Executive at large Fortune 500 companies.
Specialties:  In/Outsourcing contract execution and growth, P&L Management,  Customer Relationship, Information Technology, Global Services Delivery, Impact Measurement & Investing, Matrixed Management, Supply Chain Management, Strategic Financial Ops, Financial Planning, Allocations & Deliverable Audits, Risk Management, Operations Management, Financial System Design - are just a few.

Project Executive for Non-Profit
Specialties: Certified Non-Profit Professional. Coalition & Community Development and Management, Grassroots Organizing, Grant Management, Social Enterprise, Startups, Information technology,  All Financial Applications and Developments, Civic Advocacy, Political Campaigns, Policy Advisor, PR, Branding, International Relations, White Papers, Risk  and negotiations - are just a few. 

So lets look at the accomplishments achieved by Madame President as she wraps up her term as president of JON-J:

Commerce (Grants)
  • Negotiated free legal service for continuous process improvements in the life of the organization (est. $400,000+) 
  • Corporate gifts/ donations for Independence Service, Scholarships and Stem Training $2500 for 2016 • Distribution of 7 scholarships to US college students (estimated total $2,500+)  
  • Monetary donation to Dominican Emerald Organization of New Jersey (DEONJ) for the relief/humanitarian efforts from storm damage in Dominica (total $3,200) 
  • Monetary donation made to Haiti House for continued re-building and training in Haiti ( $500.00) 
  • Monetary donation made to Missionlite International –Lusaka, Gambia, for support of childrens home ( $250.00) 
Community (Engagement) 
  • Re-vamped of membership fees to augment increased enrollment • Increased and added growth of 2 new chapters with corresponding memberships (Morris and Union Chapters) 
  • Created a brand new website for the organization from bottoms up with Business Intelligence and Social Media Integration. Tailored with 5 key components (Search Engine Optimization, Content, Appearance, Functionality & Usability) this ensures JON-J’s scalability and sustainability thru many new levels of reach and development 
  • Initiated and implemented branding campaign for 2016 "Champions of Change" 
  • Initiated branding campaign for 2017 "#MyJamaica” 
  • Awarded 2 Community awards for exemplary services to JON-J 
  • Provided Continued information for Enrollment and Maintenance to the community for Affordable Care Act Insurance 
  • Drove extensive earned media to augment JON-J’s visibility within the local and global community 
  • Drove extensive exposure of the organization on a Federal level through the collaboration of events with CMS (Center for Medicare Services) 
  • Drove extensive exposure of the organization's work within the Federal sector (White House) 
  • Drove extensive exposure of the organization at the grassroots and community level bringing increased recognition to the organization 
  • Worked across political parties to share JON-J’s mission and vision within all levels and sectors of government (i.e. from The White House to New Jersey State House) 
  • Secured the following Resolutions and congratulatory letters for JON-J’s commitment, long standing and deep service to the community from the following: o Gov. Chris Christie, Governor, State of New Jersey and o Mayor Ras Baraka and City of Newark City Council Members o Congressman: Honorable Donald Payne, Honorable Bill Pascrell, o Congresswoman Honorable Bonnie Watson Coleman o Senator Cory Booker and Senator Menendez o New Jersey State Senate, o New Jersey Assemblyman Giblin, speaker PRIETO and all members of the General Assembly 
  • Drove the collaboration and execution to stage the three largest Affordable Care Act enrollment session in the State of New Jersey 
  • Collaborated with Essex County College in our continued provision of toiletries and coat drives to college students 
  • Continued collaboration with Clinical partners in the sponsoring, alignment and execution of Health Fair Seminars 
  • Spearheaded and collaborated with the Dominican Organization of New Jersey to host Hurricane Relief Concert 
  • Collaborated with the NE Jamaican Diaspora on Citizen Drive, Immigration Services, Diaspora Mapping 
  • Collaborated with the Jamaican Consulate on bringing consulate services into the service areas 
  • Garnered executive and community support from the Jamaican Ambassador and Consul General to the US
  • Initiated alignment of the Caribbean Ministers through the hosting of Black Monday Caribbean Ministers conference in Newark, NJ
  • Planned and executed the 1st and 2nd Annual Essex County Caribbean Day Festival
  • Galvanized the community for the following events:
  • 2015 JamFest family outdoor celebration, Eastside Park, Paterson, NJ - garnering > 4k participants
  • 2015 Independence Thanksgiving Service at Praise Temple Church of God, Newark, NJ
  • 2015 Flag Raising Ceremonies at Trenton City Hall, Orange city Hall and Paterson City Hall
  • 2015 All School Fete, South Orange, NJ
  • 2016 Independence Thanksgiving Service at Crescent Avenue Presbyterian Church, Plainfield, NJ
  • 2016 Flag Raising Ceremonies at Trenton City Hall, West Orange Town Hall, Paterson City Hall and Plainfield City Hall.
Career (Operational Excellence)
  • Exemplary attendance - Agenda and chaired 23 out of 24 State Board meetings
  • Deployed human capital assets from vast network of connections to build of JON-J’s enterprises and social structures
  • Organized full internal and external reviews with amendments to existing by-laws
  • Organized full Comprehensive Board Training session for all Board members and community at-large
  • I conducted an interview with our esteemed Madame President to obtain her closing remarks as brings her term to a close.  In her own words here are the questions and responses from Madame President, Dr. Phyllis Tait:

    Hector: How long have you been involved as an active member with JON-J?
    Madame President:  I have been with JON-J from 2000 through 2006, and I returned and began serving in 2013.

    Hector: What was your call to action and what motivated you to become president of JON-J?

    Madame President: Simply put, I come from a family that is nurtured, blessed, and appointed by God. He also blessed my family with AWESOME grandparents and parents who emphasized the need to always give back and pay forward. Throughout my time as an active member of JON-J, its vision and mission has always resonated with me. This organization provided me with platform to engage, empower and inspire our local and global communities through philanthropy through the means of technology.

    Hector: In your view how has JON-J progressed over the years?

    Madame President: I have been blessed to witness this organization evolve from an idea, to a spark, followed by a flame, and now heading to a full blown inferno. JON-J started as an organization of roughly 20 founding members in Essex County to expanding membership across NJ through 6 chapters (Essex, Passaic, Middlesex, Mercer, Morris and Union) that are dedicated to empowering the community by providing them access to resources. 

    Hector: What was your vision and agenda for JON-J during your presidency?
    Madame President: My vision was to build a strategically structured organization that was shored from the ground up to adapt, evolve, and catapults into new heights within the realms of community engagement and application and usage of technology. My agenda included operational efficiency, community empowerment, and cultural preservation in order for JON-J to bloom into its full purpose, command a stage of certainty, and expansion through service and the adoption of technology. This agenda will groom and scale the organization to sustain effective and lasting performance over the long haul. 

    Hector: What were your accomplishments as president under JON-J?

    Madame President: No person is an island and I have accomplished many of the items listed with the support from my State and Chapter Board members, along with JON-J members and supporters. These accomplishments can be organized within the categories of commerce, community, culture, and career.

    Hector: What recommendations would you offer to the incoming president in order to move JON-J forward?

    Madame President:

    • Know the operational landscape and the varied dynamics of each constituent/chapter and community.
    • Embrace Technology. Use and augmenting it to drive the organizational scale to the next level. Use Technology for social good to increase innovation and drive data analytics.
    • Data, data, data is everywhere - focus on capturing and using it for social good. 
    • Be able to work with all facets of our constituents which include political, social, religious, the haves and the haves not and all otherwise; thus, striking a balance between Innovation, Policy and Service.
    • Continuously strive for Excellence.

    Hector: Any other thoughts that you would like the audience to know?

    Madame President: Here are my thoughts:

    • Technology is here to stay, embrace it.
    • Focus on keeping yourself and your organization relevant, sustainable and scalable.
    • Consider the role of automation at every step - so you can effectively scale and truly survive.
    • The world is an open canvas, paint all you can and can all you paint. Leave nothing to chance.
    • Everyone is important.
    • Love thy neighbor as thyself. Be our brother's keeper. Be at peace with your maker and your fellow man. It's ok to disagree, but be respectful.
    • Hold each other accountable and Responsible. This is not the only game in town. Being "little," sometimes, does not always equate to being Tallawah.
    • Within your tool kit - keep focusing on these skill sets: Complex problem solving, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, creativity, collaboration, people management, judgment and decision making, cognitive flexibility and negotiation.
    • The strong work in the background is never seen nor is it beautiful and sexy - but it is a necessity.
    • Let the true hub of talent, entrepreneurship, enterprise and innovation begin with you.

    #LiveOnPurpose, #StayBlessed, become a #ChampionOfChange, embrace #MyJamaica, #StayWoke and #WalkGood
    #ChampionsofChange #Jamaica54 #FeelGoodDoGood

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